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Valid Value Silver Model

The Valid Value model offers all the advantages of a spreadsheet, but without all the headaches. Valid Value's valuation tool and reporting tool are based on respectively Excel and PowerPoint, giving users the reassuring feeling of working in a familiar environment. Valid Value keeps the familiarity, flexibility and functionality of Excel, but adds the security and consistency of its own standard method. This makes Valid Value a user-friendly and reliable tool for business valuation and analysis. It is also a highly flexible tool that allows for adaptation to specific valuation cases while using secure calculation methods to avoid formula errors. All formulas are transparent and give users insight into how the valuation results were derived. In this sense, Valid Value is far from a black box.

The analyses and results can also be easily linked to the reporting tool. The reporting tool is based on PowerPoint, which enables users to tailor reports and present the value analysis results according to their individual needs.

Support data provides greater efficiency

Valid Value contains support data that increase the efficiency of the valuation process.

Once the relevant sector, region and valuation date for the valuation have been entered, Valid Value generates relevant support data, such as sector betas, market risk premiums and risk-free interest rates as per valuation date. This information is provided as a suggestion. What data are used in the valuation is entirely up to you.


  • Valuation methods: DCF, APV, Economic Profit, multiples, intrinsic value
  • Support data for e.g. sector betas, market risk premiums and risk-free interest rates
  • Flexible number of projection years and free choice of valuation date
  • Possibilities to perform both straightforward and complex valuations
  • Large number of overview reports and sensitivity analyses
  • Exports to PowerPoint supported by default
  • Secure and extensively tested calculation model
  • On-call helpdesk with knowledgeable staff


  • Familiar environment of Excel
  • Robust model thanks to smart techniques
  • User friendly
  • Calculation model that has been tested extensively by valuation experts
  • Secure data storage in the cloud
  • 24/7 access to models in an online environment
  • Models are automatically updated to ensure access to the latest versions
  • Easy sharing of models with colleagues
  • Reports in preferred house style

How does it work?

Users need to have a subscription in order to use the Valid Value tools. All Valid Value subscriptions can be cancelled at any time with one month’s notice, after an initial period of six months. Users will receive a username and password to log in to the secure cloud environment. From here the valuation models and reports can be accessed. If desired, colleagues can also gain access to the environment if you wish to share files or work on files together.

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