• Valuation methods: DCF, APV, Economic Profit, multiples, net asset value, improved rentability
  • Support data for industry betas, market risk premium, risk-free rate and multiples, among others
  • Flexible number of forecast & historical years and free choice of valuation moment
  • Capabilities to perform both simple and complex valuations
  • Add sheets so you can build your own overviews and inputs
  • Large number of overview reports and sensitivity analyses
  • Language choice: Dutch or English
  • Choice of cost of capital build-up method & continuing value method (Gordon Growth/Value Driver/Fade Rate)
  • Dynamically link to PowerPoint and Word via our add-in
  • Extra Excel functionalities for efficient analysis, also usable outside the Valid Value model
  • Use your own corporate identity, both in terms of color and font
  • The calculation model is well secured and has been extensively tested for outcomes, among other things

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