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Valid Value offers professional valuation tools for valuation professionals. Our users comprise a wide spectrum of professionals, from valuators, accountants and consultants to investment managers and financial directors, all of whom rely on our Valid Value models in performing valuations.

What makes the models unique is that they contain all relevant valuation methods and combine standardisation and flexibility to analyse, forecast and determine the value of a business. Valid Value also allows users to store files in the cloud and share them with colleagues with just a few clicks.


‘I am very pleased with the Excel tool. It is very well thought through and the chance of model errors is limited / nil’ - a user


‘The first model that is flexible, complete and built from the practice of valuation' - feedback during a Valid Value demo.





Creating valuation reports based on the valuation models is now easier than ever. With the reporting tool that is linked to the model, users can create standard Valid Value reports or make up their own. Thanks to the simplified modelling and reporting process, there will be more time to focus on analysing the business model of the company to be valued.


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