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Valid Value offers professional valuation tools for valuation professionals. Our users comprise a wide spectrum of professionals, from valuators, accountants and consultants to investment managers and financial directors, all of whom rely on our Valid Value models in performing valuations. 6 Valuation methods like DCF WACC, DCF APV and multiples in one model. Our models and base reports allow you to focus on the valuations themselves.

Our advanced Excel models offer a unique combination of standardized calculation with maximum flexibility to analyse, forecast and determine the value of a business. The models have all relevant valuation methods and link to databases with support data that is relevant to your valuation. On top of that, our own add-in will increase your productivity.


‘I am very pleased with the Excel tool. It is very well thought through and the chance of model errors is limited / nil’ - a user


‘The first model that is flexible, complete and built from the practice of valuation' - feedback during a Valid Value demo.

‘Better than 95% of all valuation models I have seen.’ - feedback of an international valuation professional




Reports & Add-in

Easily create valuation reports in PowerPoint or Word based on the valuation models using our add-in. The standard report we supply provides a solid basis for every valuation. You can of course adjust this report as you see fit and adjust it in to your own format. The link between Excel and PowerPoint/Word is dynamic, changes in the Excel model can be made in the reports in Word or PowerPoint with the push of a button. The efficient method of modelling and reporting allows you to spend more time analyzing the business model of the company to be valued.


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