Valid Value Model

Valid Value Model

Valid Value is a professional valuation model for valuation professionals with all relevant calculation methods for the valuation of companies. The Valid Value model offers all the advantages of a spreadsheet, without all the headaches. The basis of Valid Value is Excel for the valuation tool and Powerpoint or Word for the report. This model runs on your own computer but contains links to databases with support data. You therefore work in a familiar environment. Valid Value links the flexibility and familiarity of the Excel functionality to its own, secure standard working method. This makes Valid Value easy to use and reliable. There is plenty of room for adjustments to the specific situation of the valuation case, but the calculation method is secured, which prevents formula errors. In addition, the formulas used are transparent, so that you have insight into the establishment of the valuation outcome and there is no 'black box'.


The advantages:

  • A familiar environment: the Excel spreadsheet
  • Multiple valuation methods, including 3 DCF methods
  • Data is stored on your own server or local computer
  • A robust model thanks to smart techniques
  • User friendly
  • A calculation model extensively tested by valuation experts
  • Models are periodically updated with the latest insights and most current data
  • Easily share models between colleagues
  • Reporting in your house style through dynamic link with Excel
  • Update reporting at the touch of a button via our add-in
  • For more details about our solution, see the features page


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